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Motorcycle Drifting Vs. Car Drifting

Insane Bloke drifting a couple motorcycles around the track.

Super Car Idiots Top Crashing Videos

Check out this video and or compilation of a bunch of absolute idiot super car drivers menacing the streets at absolute ridiculous speeds!

Acceleration Compilation / Vehicle Testing

Check out this compilation Video of a variety of different vehicle competing against the clock!

Tesla to Get on the Bandwagon on Self Driving vehicles.

When Tesla released its Autopilot software update for that Model S and X electric automobiles a week ago, Boss Elon Musk stated he wished the awesome additional features could be obtainable in Asia and Europe now. That deadline has been pressed back a little, according to a different Musk Tweet….

Burough Motors Launches Website

Welcome to Borough motors an online retailer and event planner for all types of racing in the southern region of Wales. We are a group of enthusiasts that have been racing in europe for over a decade and our new website features our new events as well a detaield racing…

Lamborghini Gallardo Review

The Gallardo has been in production since late 2002 with one refresh in the heart of its run. For a lot of of time creating this vehicle, the Gallardo remains all-wheel drive, that’s something Lamborghini started doing because the initil discharge of the Diablo since they were frustrated with individuals…