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Super Car Idiots Top Crashing Videos

Check out this video and or compilation of a bunch of absolute idiot super car drivers menacing the streets at absolute ridiculous speeds!

Acceleration Compilation / Vehicle Testing

Check out this compilation Video of a variety of different vehicle competing against the clock!

Tesla to Get on the Bandwagon on Self Driving vehicles.

When Tesla released its Autopilot software update for that Model S and X electric automobiles a week ago, Boss Elon Musk stated he wished the awesome additional features could be obtainable in Asia and Europe now. That deadline has been pressed back a little, according to a different Musk Tweet….

Burough Motors Launches Website

Welcome to Borough motors an online retailer and event planner for all types of racing in the southern region of Wales. We are a group of enthusiasts that have been racing in europe for over a decade and our new website features our new events as well a detaield racing…

Lamborghini Gallardo Review

The Gallardo has been in production since late 2002 with one refresh in the heart of its run. For a lot of of time creating this vehicle, the Gallardo remains all-wheel drive, that’s something Lamborghini started doing because the initil discharge of the Diablo since they were frustrated with individuals…

The Automotive Industry and Alloy Wheel Manufacturing Process

Producing and or manufacturing any product to a high standard is always going to have specific values and or processes, in the wheels industry Forging, casting, powder coating are all commonly seen for that aluminum wheel market is the main focus from the innovative steps in which the wheels are…